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Item #BKCS0777

Uncommon Vintage Oak, Old English model Barrister Bookcase by Macey in fantastic condition!
(34"W x 11"D x 51"T)

Item #BKCS0788

Vintage Mahogany finish two door bookcase
(43" W x 52" T x 13" D)

Item #BKCS0270

Antique Walnut rotating bookcase Attr to Sargent Mfg Co
(20”W x 20.5”D x 32”T)

Item #BKCS0756

Modern Mahogany Waterfall Front Bookcase

Item #BKCS0576

Vintage two shelf Mahogany finish bookcase with drawer
(19"W x 12"D x 45.25"T)

Item #BKCS0410

Vintage Walnut finish small "ball top" single drawer bookcase
(20" W x 11.25"D x 44.75"T)

Item #BKCS0338

Vintage Mahogany Triple Door Bookcase Claw on Ball feet Signed - Flint & Horner
(70"W x 13"D x 50.5"T)

Item #BKCS0239

Modern Oak rotating bookcase - $250

Item #BKCS0003

Vintage Chippendale Leg Bookcase
(49.5 x 58 x 14.5)

Item #BKCS0247

Vintage Walnut Gothic Arch bookcase
(33W x 49.5T x 14.5D)

Item #BKCS0206

Fantastic Vintage Gothic Revival Bookcase
(35”W x 77”T x 18.5D)

Item #BKCS0205

Vintage matched pair of rare German Barrister Bookcases
(34" W x 61.5" H x 12" D)

Item #BKCS0234

Vintage Walnut Kittinger Furniture Book Stand
(24”W x 28.5”H x 9.5”D)

Item #BKCS0203

Vintage Bookcase
(48.5" H x 22" W x 11.5 D)

Item #BKCS0166

Small Modern Oak Rotating Bookcase with base
(17.5 x 17.5 x 24)

Item #BKCS0201

Vintage Oak Viking three stack Barrister Bookcase
(34”W x 49.5T x 14.5”D)

Item #BKCS0204

Vintage matched pair of Walnut Bonnet Top Roccoco Revival Bookcases
(73"H x 25" W x 14.5" D)

Item #BKCS0171

Vintage Oak Globe Wernicke six stack Barrister Bookcase
(88t x 34w x 10d)

Item #BKCS0124

Vintage Walnut 2 door bookcase
(45"w x47"t x 13"d)

Item #BKCS0123

Vintage pair of Oak bookcases
(24"w x 51"h x 12.5"d)

Item #BKCS0151

Vintage Thin Mahogany Finish bookcase with drawer
(58" tall x 19" wide x 14.5" deep)

Item #BKCS0136

Vintage Macey 3 stack Barrister Bookcase

Item #BKCS0009

Vintage Danish Curly Birch Bookcase
(85” x 49” x 13”)

Item #BKCS0273

Vintage Gothic Arch Bookcase with drawers
(37.5" W x 42"T x 14"D)

Item #BKCS0120

Vintage Mahogany finish dowel side bookcase
(24w x 48.5t x 10.5d)

Item #BKCS0067

Vintage small claw on ball foot mahogany bookcase
(27 wide x 11 deep x 37 tall)

Item #BKCS0005

Vintage Walnut Pier Bookcase / Sideboard

Item #BKCS0004

Book Trolley
(36 x 33.5 x 15.5)

Item #BKCS0007

Modern Rotating Bookcase
(18.25” square x 33”)

Item #BKCS0006

Modern Rotating Bookcase
(18.25” square x 33”)

Item #BKCS0002

Vintage Humphrey Widman Mahogany Barrister Bookcase
(34 x 63 x 12)

Item #BKCS0001

Vintage Tiger Oak Lion Head Bookcase
(42.75 x 63 x 16) (Without casters)

Item #BKCS0258

Antique Eastlake style Walnut bookcase with pierced gallery Rare small size
(41.5" W x 53.5" T x 16"D)

Item #BKCS0202

Vintage Walnut sliding door Danner Barrister Bookcase
(37"W x 56.5"H x 13" D)

Item #BKCS0008

Vintage Flame Birch Danish Bookcase
(60 x 55 x 11)

Item #BKCS0165

Antique Oak Gunn four stack Barrister Bookcase with desk section and leaded glass
(61"x 34" x 14")

Item #BKCS0274

Antique Mahogany finish Barrister Bookcase by Gunn - Rare double width size with original leaded glass
(50.5” W x 14" D x 50" T)

Item #BKCS0287

Vintage Golden Oak Double Door Bookcase
(45"W x 60" T x 13D)

Item #BKCS0600

Vintage Tiger Oak Barrister Bookcase and desk by Hale. Superb condition and very unusual.

Item #BKCS0197

Antique Walnut Renaissance Revival Bookcase
(72.5" H x 41.5" W x 15.5" D)

Item #BKCS0227

Vintage small mahogany bookcase with two drawers
(18.5”W x 46Tx 12D)

Item #BKCS0207

Vintage Rotating tall Danner Bookcase
(24”sq x 58.5” T)

Item #BKCS0708

Vintage Mahogany finish Barrister Bookcase by Macey in the rare "double wide"size. Mint condition
(52"W x 12"D x 62.25"T)

Item #BKCS0514

Vintage Walnut double door bookcase
(42" W x 58"T x 13"D)

Item #BKCS0575

Vintage double door Cherry finish bookcase
(43"W x 13"D x 48"T)

Item #BKCS0730

The rarest of the rare! Vintage Mahogany, double wide, string inlay Barrister Bookcase by Globe Wernicke in spectacular condition! This model is known as the Sheraton and is extremely uncommon.
(51.75" W x 50"T x 11"D)

Item #BKCS0705

Vintage short inlaid rotating bookcase with Brass gallery
(23.75" sq x 26" H)

Item #BKCS0789

Vintage Walnut finish two door bookcase marked Macey
(40.5"W x 53.25"T x 12.5" D)

Item #BKCS0784

Antique Oak rotating bookcase Attr to Sargent Mfg Co
(25.5 x 24 x 45.75)

Item #BKCS0504

Vintage matched pair of Walnut finish single glass door bookcases
(28.5"W x 58"T x 13.5" D ea)

Item #BKCS0083

Vintage Biedermeier style Mahogany bookcase with dust screen
(72.5" W x 63" T x 16"D)